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It’s simple, you give your honest opinion in a group setting and get paid on the spot when it’s over. Your favorite brands need your opinions to make their products and services better.

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Focus Groups

A focus group is a small-group discussion moderated by a market research professional. Focus groups are used to learn about opinions on a specific topic, and to guide future action. Example: A focus group of parents of preschoolers meets to discuss child care needs. Parents share their views on local child care programs, and on what could be done to improve them. A focus group could be on a new T.V. show, product, advertisement, etc. Some focus groups consist of taste testing new food or drinks and driving new automobiles. Big companies need focus groups to better their products and services. At the end of the focus group you get paid on the spot for your time and honest opinion.

Market Research

Market research is the collection and analysis of data about a particular market. It is conducted in order to help businesses stay competitive and innovative by better understanding the market environments, customer needs and wants, and competition. Market research is very important to businesses as it can help explain past results, explore new opportunities, and predict future reaction of a market to a particular product/service. Focus groups are one type of market research technique.

Mock Juries

A mock jury is a group of people assembled to hear a legal case and respond to it, in a “trial” which does not have legal ramifications. Mock juries are used in legal education and legal research to create a trial-like setting for learning which does not involve the actual legal system. The trial may have varying degrees of realism, ranging from being held in a courtroom with a real judge to being conducted informally in a classroom with a student acting as the judge. People get paid to attend and play the part of a juror.